Unified Remote Apk Download – Free Remote Control App for TV, AC

Unified Remote is a brilliant application that allows the user to handle all the operations of a computer with the help of a smartphone, whether Android, IOS or Windows. When we say handling operations of a computer, we mean everything right from handling the mouse or the keyboard or managing the files on the hard drive.

While there are several other similar applications that serve the same purpose, what makes Unified Remote stand out is its simple yet outstanding interface. It is simple to use and unbelievable but true, it is just a two step process:

Unified Remote Apk Download : Free Remote Control App for TV, AC

Step 1

Install the application on the hard drive (if you are not using the portable version).

Step 2

Run the application on the phone.

And you are ready to go!

An important fact worth mentioning here is that Unified Remote is merely a server and to be able to use it correctly and wisely, the user also needs to install its mobile version on their smartphone.

Unified Remote – Core Features:

The user can download the free version of Unified Remote but it has a limited functionality. Another option is to unlock and use the full version which is available for a one-time fee. We discuss here the several features that are available in either the free download or the full version or both.

Unified Remote Apk Download – Free Remote Control App for TV, AC

  1. Remotes
  • There are 18 remotes that are available in the free version of the application these are the ones that are considered essential.
  • More than 40 premium remotes are unlocked and made available in the complete version of the app.
  • In the full version of the application, the user can unlock the ability to customize the remote and use them.
  1. Easy connectivity

The automatic server detection that is available in both the free and the full version of the application makes for an easy connection using either the Bluetooth or the WIFI.

  1. Security

The user is provided with the feature of password protection and encryption in both the free as well as the full version to provide safety and security.

  1. Basic input control

The user can use the program to control the keyboard as well the mouse, the two basic forms of input in a computer. This can be done with the help of touch gestures, single or multiple.

  1. Screen mirroring

The user can view the screen of their computer on the screen of their device. This is possible with Android, Windows, and Mac.

  1. Use multiple themes

The program has a light as well as a dark theme, both for the application and the remotes.

  1. Wake on LAN

With the help of a power remote, the user can wake up a sleeping computer using the WOL.

  1. Keyboards

The program works easily with third party keyboards like Swipe and SwiftKey and one can easily send the commands to ctrl, alt and all.

Unified Remote – Android Features:

Most of the Android features that are discussed here are available only on the full version of the application that can be downloaded for a one-time fee.

  1. Voice Control

The users can send commands with the help of integrated Google Voice Control available in Android.

  1. Android wear

When using Android, the users can make use of Android smart watch as well to access the quick actions or to control remotes.

  1. Shortcuts

This feature is available for both the free as well as the full version. The users can place shortcuts on the home screen that allows for a quick access.

  1. Quick Actions

If the users desire a quick access, they can pin their favorite actions to the notifications area.

  1. IR Actions

This feature will require an IR blaster using which the user can send IR commands to the Television or to the other equipment as well.

  1. Widgets

The users can create widgets that are customizable for their home screen using only the controls they want.

Unified Remote – iOS Features:

  1. Widgets

The users can pin their quick switch remotes to the notification center.

  1. URI Control

Available in both the free and the full version, the application asks using the URIs that is supported.