Truecaller APK Download : Uknown Caller ID & Dialer Info on Android Devices

If you wish to make your phone super smart, truecaller apk is for you. This tool provides a wider scope for exploring contacts and gives out faster results in a short span of time. Your phone contact list will appear to be minuscule as this app lets you capture more results beyond your phonebook.

What’s new in Truecaller Apk on Your Android Devices:

In the section above we talked about some basic features of Truecaller apk, but what makes it so special? The power of this apk lies in the extra edge given in searching people even if their numbers are not included in your phonebook. This feature has been very helpful for those who are facing problems of crank and hoax calls. In many ways, truecaller apk has truly revolutionized the way we can safely communicate, so let us check out if there something new this time with Truecaller apk!

Experience newness with the never seen before features of Truecaller apk which are as follows:

  • Call log designs can be changed by simply tapping
  • Calls can be filtered through the new filtering feature
  • Get an easy access to most contacted numbers through the Most called contacts
  • Manages the problems of merging contacts and fixes the issue in a jiffy
  • Improved performance
  • Easy fixation of bugs

With the interesting new features stated as above, giving Truecaller Apk a try is worth the efforts you put in downloading it. More about this apk is left to be explored in the sections below.

On Which Devices Truecaller Apk Works:

It is a user interface that truecaller apk is a preferred tool now. Ease of usage makes this apk worth using and is meant specifically for android phones. Currently, developers of this app are focusing on Asian markets in which majority of market share has been occupied by android phones.

How to use Truecaller Apk:

You can use this apk tool like the previous version of Truecaller App which provides ample scope for searching numbers and tracking details of the callers. As aforesaid, it is for convenience that this apk tool has been liked this much and in the coming times, its popularity is going to see a hike.

Truecaller apk

You can type name or phone number of the person in the search bar of which displays the results in a quick span of time.

Is Truecaller Apk Safe:

Powerful features make this app worth the efforts you have invested in. It is now easier to identify the caller and your details will not be flashed. Though there is a feature which makes you share your location and status with your friends it still gets restricted to this circle only and there is no threat inherent in the flash message.

Your details include showing up when you are free, will be displayed only to your friends and you can even hide this feature, depending on your concerns. The best part is that your phone book will always be safe and it will never be made public.

How to Get Truecaller Apk on Android Phone:

Android developers can install this apk tool through Google Play Store for that amazing experience of calling and searching in a single go. The usage of this tool has found wide coverage across the globe and its features are foolproof considering the high demand for security in recent times.

You may even buy the premium version of True caller Apk for enjoying enhanced features and this powerful dialer makes you share photographs and messages with your friends. New ringtones are there which also improve the battery life of your phone. You may also send your location to your family through flash messages to let them know where you are at any instant of time. This tool is revolutionary in many ways and its features are more promising than ever owing to the qualities it imbibes.

Features of True Caller Apk:

This time, the true caller has introduced innovation in its various features turning out to be a must-download option. Have a look on prominent features of true caller apk the usage of which has been gaining momentum in the recent times:

  • Like its previous versions, this app is effective enough to block spam calls
  • Some of the features are offered in the premium version of this app which includes name searching
  • This time, trucaller apk is superb as it lets you search any number that you want and promising results are assured
  • Free version of truecaller provide for seeing some of the numbers which are not there in your phonebook
  • Truecaller now gets linked up with Twitter and you can follow the person there right from truecaller
  • If you have some phone numbers to search for, just copy down the numbers anywhere in your phone, Truecaller is smart enough to notify you to whom the numbers belong to.


Therefore, Here in this article, you came to know that on which devices Truecaller Apk works & how to Download it. know the features and uses of Truecaller app.