Root Genius APK Download – Latest V3.1.7 For Android OS

Rooting a device gives a complete access to the root system of the device and also complete independence to its user to use it in the desired manner. There are still a lot of people who believe that the rooting process is risky. While we cannot completely deny the fact but can certainly assure that using the right rooting tools can take away a lot of risks associated with the rooting process.

For instance, Root Genius Apk is a very popular rooting tool that has the ability to root an android device in a single click and it can certainly help the user to achieve their goal of rooting in a safe and secure manner.

Root Genius APK Download V3.1.7 for Android Device:

The rooting tool lets you uninstall the built in applications that are unnecessary and thus, save the memory space; it also boosts the performance of the rooted device using an autorun feature. The backing up of the data with titanium backup also contributes in boosting up the performance of the device. The user can also flash to custom ROM and then personalize the device, whether a phone or a tablet.

Root Your Android Device with Root Genius:

Follow these steps to root your android device and use it to your heart’s desire:

Step 1: Download Root Genius

To initiate the rooting process, the first step is to download the rooting tool to your PC. Like the earlier versions, the latest version of the rooting tool does not require an installation on the computer.

Step 2: Enable USB debugging

Enabling of USB debugging is important to enable the app launch. Follow these steps to enable USB debugging: Go to settings> About phone; tap on ‘Build number’ several times until you see a message on the screen that says ‘You are now a developer’. Go to settings> Developer options so you can turn on the USB debugging.

Step 3: Connect your phone to PC

Once you have successfully enabled USB debugging, it is now time to start the rooting process. For the same purpose, you need to connect your phone to the PC. Connect the Android phone to the PC using a USB cable. Once the phone and the computer are connected, the rooting tool installed on the computer will automatically detect the phone connected.

Step 4: Root the device

After the above steps, you are now ready to start the rooting process. Click on the ‘Root Now’ button on the screen which will start the rooting process. Once the rooting process is complete, you will be notified on the screen via Windows. You can keep a track of the progress of the process on the screen itself until the process is completed.

Step 5: Complete the rooting process:

You will know that the process of rooting is complete when you see a message on the screen saying ‘You’ve got root access successfully’. You can now also install any other application that you wish to use. After all, this is over, you must disconnect your phone from the PC.

Things to remember:

There are a few facts to remember before starting the rooting process with Root Genius:

  • Always have a backup of your device before starting the rooting process with any rooting tool.
  • Root Genius works only on the Windows OS.
  • Root Genius Apk for Android is only compatible with Android KitKat 4.4.2


Features of Root Genius Apk:

  1. It speeds up the Android system.
  2. It is a portable application.
  3. Root Genius has the ability to root a device in a single click.
  4. Custom ROM flashing.
  5. It has built in uninstalling the app.
  6. It has a recovery root mode.


  • Root Genius Apk supports more than 10,000 Android devices.
  • The tool is simple and easy to use and is famous for its rooting ability in a single click.
  • Root Genius is compatible with several Android versions ranging from 2.2 to 4.4.
  • Flash custom ROM can be enabled with the help of Root Genius to get rid of the built-in apps.


  • It is only available in two languages-Chinese and English.
  • It has does not have an option to unroot the device.


Therefore, you can Download Root Genius Apk on your Android Devices to Root your Devices with One Click easy.