Parallel Space Apk Download : Parallel Space 4.0.8516 for Android

Mobile Apps are very interesting and they make up most of what you can see on a smartphone. And most of these apps require one to sign in and create an account. How nice would it be if we can use two different accounts for the same app?

Technology has been growing over the years and it has seen a lot of developments and changes with many important and interesting things coming up along the way.  One such masterpiece of this technology is the arrival of the smartphone. The smartphone is a device that can do so many wonderful things like keeping time, enabling communication, ability to play games, capture memories and much more such wonders. But all these are not possible without a feature called application. All the above mentioned are called apps and they are the ones that make up most of the smartphone.

How to Download and Install Parallel Space Apk for Android:

Below is given a guide to enable you to download this app and it teaches you how to run it.

Parallel space apk download

  • You can download the Parallel Space Apk from the Play Store or you can follow the to sideload it.
  • After that, you have to install it on your device from your file manager and give access to all it asks and give all the permissions as required.
  • After completion of installation, then you can run the app and it will automatically include the basic apps and then there will be a separate space for parallel space apps which you can open when needed simultaneously and you can also give it another account or mobile number and so on.


Applications are very important and are very interesting to use. There are apps to entertain, gaming apps, music apps, camera and photo apps and the list will go on as there are umpteen apps out there on the internet and the app store to be downloaded and used by the person using the gadget.

Using two Different Accounts Using Parallel Space Apk:

There are a few aspects to be understood while talking about the installation of apps. Nowadays, most of the apps that are introduced in the app stores require the user to sign in to their Google account or their online accounts whatever it may be. So a person would have created an account and the usage of the app would be in full swing.

But then, all of a sudden, the user might get an interest to create another account or just add another account while using the app. And so it would be done as they wished to but then they can only use one account at a time on their device normally. But what if the user wished to use both the accounts at the same time on the same device? This wouldn’t be possible normally on a general device. So how does it get done? Is it at all possible? Well, the answer is yes and it lies in an app called Parallel Space.

How does Parallel Space Apk Works:

So what is parallel space app? You might get some thoughts that it is a very complicated application. But it actually is not. It’s a very simple application to download and to use. Parallel space is an app that helps one to be able to use two different accounts simultaneously. It actually does this by creating a virtual space on your device and this virtual space that has been created is separate from your device although it is on your device and it is not dependant on your device.

This parallel space app creates a separate environment on your device and this allows the running of apps inside it. So while running them, one can sign in with a different account and use that app. So when you open an app on your device, you are running it once on parallel space and then again on your device. This application doesn’t require much space on your device and the maximum space required is just 2MB. You don’t even have to take the risk of rooting your device to get this app working. But there is one important requirement by this app. It asks you for a lot of permissions to access several things on your phone in order to enhance the functioning of the apps.


Thus you can enjoy the services of the Parallel Space ApkBelow we are providing the latest version of Parallel Space Multi Accounts Apk for Android, iOS, Windows PC & iPhone Download Parallel Space ApkPut your doubts and queries in the comment section below. Keep visiting parallel space app for more