FramaRoot APK Download V1.9.3 For Android Device

Framaroot is the one click rooting application designed specifically for Android devices. Rooting with the application can give you root access to the system files of the device while opening the possibilities for restricted apps on your device. Download the Framaroot Apk and enjoy endless possibilities on your Android device.

Framaroot is the popularly used Android application that allows rooting of your device in just one single click. The application has truly made rooting the Android device faster and easier for the users. To root the android device using this application you don’t need any computer or laptop. Since this is an unofficial application, it is not available for download at Google Play Store.

FramaRoot APK Download V1.9.3 For Android Device:

Framaroot Apk

So, users are required to download the Framaroot APK from the reliable third-party website. Below you will come across with the process to download and use the application on your Android device for rooting.

About Framaroot Apk!

Framaroot is the freeware application that has been designed to root any Android devices for free and to give the users root access to the system files without the interference of laptops and computers. The application is designed by XDA Developers Community and soon after its launch, the Framaroot became the go-to solution for Android users for rooting. Since it is developed by a community, it is not considered as an official application to be available on Google Play Store. So, users who want to root their device for free can download the Framaroot Apk from the reliable third party website online. Although you will come across with several one-click rooting application over the internet, Framaroot is the best app that supports almost all the versions of Android operating systems.

All About The Characteristics of Framaroot APK!

Framaroot APK comes with a variety of features which are unique and make it stand out from the other rooting tools available online. Below are some of the unique characteristics which will definitely compel you to download Framaroot for rooting your Android device.

  • One Click Rooting – You simply need to download the Framaroot APK and click the “Root” button to start rooting in single click
  • Rooting Without Computers – The rooting process with Framaroot is very easy and there is no requirement for any computers to root the device
  • It Unroot Android As Well – If you think rooting of the device is useless and not worthwhile for you, then you can use the Framaroot APK to un-root the device with just a single tap.

Steps to Download Framaroot APK For Android:

Below are the steps to download the Framaroot APK on your Android device. But, before you download the APK file on your Android device, you need to ensure that you fulfill the eligibility criteria to download the APK and accept the files on your Android device successfully. Moreover, you also need to create backups of the files and data that are already stored on the device prior to downloading and rooting the Android device.

  • The first step is to create backup for the data and files on your device to prevent data loss while rooting the device
  • The second step is to enable the unknown sources on your Android device and to enable this option you are required to follow few steps. Go to the “Settings” of your device and scroll down to “Security Settings” and search for “Unknown Sources” to tap the option to enable it on your Android device. Without enabling the option you will not be able to accept APK files from third party website online on your Android device
  • Now Download the Framaroot Apk fr a m third-party website. Search for reliable third party website from where you can download the APK file on your device. You may prefer to download the APK files directly on your device from here.
  • Click the “Download APK” button to start the downloading of the APK file on your device.
  • Now store the downloaded file on your device, especially on the microSD card of your device to save memory and space on your Android device.
  • After successful downloading of the Framaroot APK on your device, now it is the turn to start and complete the installation on your device with few simple steps mentioned below.

How to Install Framaroot APK on Android?

The above-mentioned link is the source from where you can download the Framaroot APK on your device directly. After successful downloading of the APK file, you need to complete the installation successfully on your device. Below are the steps to complete the installation of the APK on your Android device.

  • Navigate to the location where you have stored the downloaded APK file. It is usually stored on the SD card. So go to the file manager of the device and open the download folder
  • Now search for the Framaroot APK file stored there and extract the .exe file and search for installation button
  • Now click on “Install” button to start the installation process on your device
  • In between the installation process, you will be asked for permissions, you need to grant the permission and accept the terms and conditions to install the app on your device.
  • After few minutes the installation will over and you will get the confirmation message “App Installed”

Now you need to launch the application on your device and start the rooting with just one single click.

How to Root Android Using Framaroot APK?

So, you have successfully downloaded and installed Framaroot APK on your android device, not it is the time to root your Android device using this application. So, let’s move and learn the process to root the Android device using this application.

  • Firstly, you need to launch the Framaroot App from the app drawer of you device
  • On the home screen of the app, you will find the “Root” button which you need to click to start the rooting of the device.
  • After the rooting is over you will get a prompt message on the screen.


Hopefully, this tutorial has provided you with all the essential information about Framaroot Apk. You simply need to follow the steps mentioned above to download the application on your Android Phone.