Apple to Bring Changes in iPhone SE in 2018 : Features & Price

The rear glass of a possible iPhone SE with wireless charging appears in a photo.Everyone wants a new iPhone SE. The smallest Apple phone offers us height specifications in a small size and especially at an affordable price compared to the rest of Apple’s mobile devices. A new filtered image suggests that the iPhone SE will have wireless charging in its next update . This rumor is not new , and it is in fact coherent.

Features of this new iPhone SE

The main one that we can deduce from the image is the arrival of wireless charging. Apple has returned to the glass in the back of their phones so that these are compatible with wireless charging . With aluminum you can not perform a charge by consistent induction, hence the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X have glass rear. In principle it is expected that the new generation iPhone SE will also have wireless charging.

On the other hand, surely we see improvements in the camera (the same as the iPhone 8?) And certainly internal improvements. A11 Bionic processor for example, more RAM memory and perhaps more internal storage. It is very unlikely that we will see a mobile without frames and notch , both due to production difficulty and costs. The most likely thing is to keep the Home button, but a Home button without travel as in the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus to make the phone splash resistant.

So far all have been rumors, reports from analysts and some other photography that can not be confirmed. We have not had a leak of official documents , from a reliable source or a lack of attention from a supplier. This has two possible meanings: the production is being kept very secret or Apple has no plans for a new iPhone SE and all have been assumptions.