Android Phone Updates Delayed? Things to Check Before buying a Phone!

If your mobile does not update, it may be your fault.The biggest complaint of users on Android, is that your mobile is not updated. Believe me, I understand the complaint, and I think it is a problem, but as always, there is another point of view from which to look .

Android Updates

Fragmentation in Android may not be a problem, if you know which phone to buy . If you buy a mobile that will not be updated, do not complain that it is not updated to latest android version.

Let’s talk about the X brand, one of the most popular and famous in the world. The X brand updates the mobiles 7 or 8 months after Google launches Android Oreo . Users of the X brand complain that the brand does not update on time, but they already knew in advance that the X brand is updating badly .

Why did you buy the X brand mobile? To this day, not only Google has a decent support as far as what updates are concerned . Signatures such as Nokia are on the right track, incorporating Android One throughout its catalog of devices .

Xiaomi Mi A1 highlighted :

Xiaomi, has managed to get top sales with its Xiaomi Mi A1, the first mobile of the firm with Android , and one of the best mid-range phones in the market.

Currently, we find a good catalog of phones that receive updates in real time. Maybe the mobile of a certain brand is the most striking, but updating almost a year late is something that many do not contemplate

One of the most popular brands and that best updates their devices is Sony. They were the first to upgrade to Android Oreo, after the Pixels , and nowadays they have almost all their updated high-end catalog.

OnePlus also does a better job than many bigger and well-known brands , bringing Android Oreo to mobiles two generations ago like the OnePlus 3, before others from 2017 that cost more than 1,000 euros.

If you think that a software update is nothing more than a change of number in the settings, you are very wrong . Yesterday we explained you in video how the performance of the Samsung Galaxy S7 changes when it goes from 7.0 to 8.0, a huge jump .

Apart from the performance, the updates are essential for our security, and having a device with a version of Android quite old can pose a good problem .

With this, we want you to understand that the updates of your mobile depend on the brand you buy . If we all stopped buying phones that do not update quickly, the firms would be quicker to correct, we can assure you.